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Suzanne Somers Reacts to Rita Wilson’s Cancer Diagnosis, Talks ‘Tox-Sick’ Prevention

Actress and wellness advocate Suzanne Somers joined “Extra’s” AJ Calloway at our H&M Studios in Times Square, where she chatted about her new book and reacted to the news of Rita Wilson’s cancer diagnosis and double mastectomy.

“She’s one of the nicest people in Hollywood,” Somers said of her friend Wilson.

Somers, who is a breast cancer survivor, said about Wilson’s decision, “Everybody does what makes them feel comfortable, and I did it my way, she’s doing it her way.”

“Now, we all know [someone with cancer], it’s either us, or it’s someone we know,” said Somers, who explained in her book “Tox-Sick" how the buildup of toxins in our bodies can lead to health concerns, including cancer.

“Something is happening, the food has changed drastically, the human body was never meant to process this many chemicals and toxins.

Somers said she’s hoping to alarm us a little bit, but also gives readers the steps to follow for health.

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