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Emma Bunton Reveals Why She Hasn’t Married Her Fiancé After 20 Years Together

Emma Bunton aka “Baby Spice,” one fifth of the most famous girl band, the Spice Girls, is bringing her talents to the USA! While promoting her new ABC show “Boy Band,” Emma chatted about her 20-plus-year relationship with fiancé Jade Jones and her bond with her fellow Spice Girls to her British buddy, “Extra” special correspondent Mark Wright.

In London, Mark and Emma are both radio hosts for the Heart. Mark smiled, “It feels a little better seeing you here in the sunshine.” During their conversation, Emma opened up on her romance with Jade, who is also the father of her two boys. They have been together for 20 years, but haven’t tied the knot. Why? She explained, “He’s my soul mate, my confidant, it’s something I think we'd both like to do, but we’re just so unorganized.”

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