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Paula Deen Gives ‘Extra’ an Exclusive Peek at ‘Sweet Home Savannah’

“Extra” caught up with Paula Deen for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her new live show “Sweet Home Savannah.”

The culinary queen gave “Extra” a tour of her old house — which is where her show shoots — and also extended an invitation to take a peek inside her breathtaking Georgia estate.

When it comes to details in her living space, Deen makes sure they are all pleasing to her eye. “You can see I’ve got a lot of cabinets and I’ve got an old china cabinet that I store things in that I love looking at,” she shared.

With a state-of-the-art kitchen, Paula has plenty of cooking options! “I’ve got my deep fryer, I’ve got a six-burner stove, I’ve got a flat top for my pancakes.”

How does she plan for holiday gatherings? “I always ask everyone to bring a dish,” she revealed. “I want to share the day with my family.”

“Sweet Home Savannah” airs Tuesday nights on Evine Live.

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