Sandra Lee Aims to Save Children in New UNICEF Role

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway caught up with celebrity chef Sandra Lee at our H&M studios in Times Square, where she opened up about her new role with UNICEF as a special nutrition emissary.

As for what Sandra is doing with UNICEF, which she has been part of for the past 17 years, she shared, “I will be an advocate for children all over the world. It’s an honor to have that title. I’ll be focused more on the global well-being of children who are at the greatest risk.”

Lee also pointed out an alarming fact, “We lose a million children a year because they are malnourished."

Along with giving back, Sandra promoted her new TLC special “Unichef,” and dished on her recent visit to Haiti. Watch!

"Unichef: Uniting Through Food" airs on Thursday at 7/6c on TLC with an encore presentation at 9/8c on Discovery Family Channel.

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