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Rose McGowan on the New #NotMe App, Plus: Finding Love in Mexico

Rose McGowan on the New #NotMe App, Plus: Finding Love in Mexico

Actress Rose McGowan helped launch the #MeToo movement, and now she’s involved with a new app called #NotMe to help people report misconduct.

She spoke with “Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst about the app, and about her new life living in Mexico with her boyfriend.

Opening up about the #MeToo movement, she explained, “My goal was a cultural reset… and what I still see is the… media is still not honoring #MeToo as a communication tool… It’s literally a shorthand for survivors and victims to use.”

The #NotMe app allows employees to anonymously report misconduct to their employers. The platform is safe and free, and Rose shared, “Whether it’s racism… intolerance, anti-gay, sexual misconduct, there's so many ways to use this app.”

McGowan added, “If we can save one person from the kind of pain I went through, the kind of pain so many survivors go through, that’s completely worth it. I think employers will get so much more out of their employees if they feel like they are being listened to.”

Rose was among Harvey Weinstein’s accusers in 2017, and the movie mogul has since been convicted of sexual assault and rape in New York. He is now facing more charges in Los Angeles. In the past, he has denied all of the allegations against him.

Cheslie asked Rose, “Do you think the #NotMe app is something you could have used if it had come out earlier?” Rose answered, “That’s a really great question. I think in my case, because he was such a super predator that had so much power, Weinstein had so much power, um, maybe.”

A lot has changed in recent years for McGowan, who is now living a more peaceful life in Mexico. She told Cheslie, “Mexico’s helped me to heal.”

She also has a boyfriend, revealing, “His name is Ivan and he is from Northern Mexico… He’s just a beautiful human, a good man, and age-appropriate. He’s 41, so handsome. He looks to me kind of like a Latin movie star from the ‘40s, but he’s so humble, just an honorable human, really supportive of me. And one of the greatest things… he does not know a lot about my weird world.”

“We live together,” Rose went on. “It’s been six months now; brought me so much happiness.”

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McGowan also spoke about a not-so-peaceful moment in her life in August, a war of words with former “Charmed” co-star Alyssa Milano. Rose accused her of some mean-girl behavior on set, and at the time Alyssa told E! News, "Hurt people hurt people. Commenting any further doesn't align with my wellness plan."

Rose told Cheslie, “For me, it was just years of biting my tongue, biting my tongue, and frankly, I know what fakes are. It might not be nice to hear it, I know what people who jump on the bandwagon are. I know… behind the scenes, what she's like.”