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Vivica A. Fox on Her False-Positive COVID-19 Test, Plus: She Talks New Lifetime Movie

Vivica A. Fox on Her False-Positive COVID-19 Test, Plus: She Talks New Lifetime Movie

Vivica A. Fox is talking with “Extra’s” Billy Bush about her new Lifetime movie, and her recent false-positive COVID-19 test.

Opening up about the false positive that kept her off the air on Emmys night, she explained that the test was self-administered.

“I had just worked on a project and I had been tested a week before… I had to have the courage to tell the production that I just worked with that I got, you know, this test back… They're like, ‘Who did it?’ and I told them that I administered it myself.”

She went on, “They're like, ‘Nope, we're sending the nurse in the morning. You're going to get retested. You just worked with us…' In the meantime, the other production would not allow me to get a second opinion… When it came back and it was negative again, we sure sent them a nice letter.”

Fox shared this message: “To any production that's out there, the test that you give to your talent, please do a professional test. Don't send them something to self-administer yourself. COVID is so real and it’s nothing to play with. The absolute fear and sadness I experienced for those couple days, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”

The actress continued, “I knew I was fine, to be honest with you. I mean, yeah, I was scared…” Billy asked, “No fear?” She replied, “I had no symptoms, to be very honest with you, none… All that I can tell you is when that, when that test came back and I got it, it was negative, oh, yes, I was rejoicing…”

Now she is back on TV with “The Wrong Cheerleader Coach,” one of many successful Lifetime films in a series.

“Yeah, this is film number 20… We have the daughter audition for the cheer squad and she makes it and boy, does my assistant get a thing for her daddy… It's a good fit for me because growing up I was a cheerleader.”

Vivica revealed to Billy about her love life offscreen, “I have a new friend… but I'm trying to keep it private. I got to make sure he passes the test, but there's definitely someone special.”

“The Wrong Cheerleader Coach” premieres on Lifetime at 8 p.m. on October 17.