Bachelorette Clare Crawley on Dale Moss: ‘I've Never Felt Anything Like That in My Life’

Bachelorette Clare Crawley on Dale Moss: ‘I've Never Felt Anything Like That in My Life’

“Extra’s” Billy Bush and our “The Bachelorette” expert Rachel Lindsay talked to new Bachelorette Clare Crawley ahead of tonight’s season premiere, right after the show put out a very revealing promo!

Clare says this in the promos, "I've been looking for love my entire life. I'm 39. This might just be my last chance. I promise you: this [ring] finger will be bare no more.” Viewers also see the moment she meets her now-rumored boyfriend Dale Moss. She tells cameras, "I definitely felt like I just met my husband.”

Playing coy with Billy and Rachel, Clare joked, “Um, let me think… am I allowed to spoil this?”

Reports say she walked away from the show for Dale, and contestants in the trailer are heard quipping over the drama and asking if they will get a new Bachelorette.

Leave it to Rachel to ask what we all want to know! “Should I go there, Billy?” Rachel asked, to which Billy insisted, “Immediately.” Rachel then asked, “How's Dale doing?”

Clare smiled, replying, “You have to ask Dale!”

Rachel followed up with, “So you're in love… blink once for no, twice for yes.” Billy joked to Clare, “That gets you around the NDA.”

Clare’s response? She blinked and tried to wink. Rachel and Billy responded, “Oh! She's so in love, she's so in love!” Rachel added, “She can't control it.”

A former Bachelorette herself, Rachel said, “I have never seen the show give so much away… Were you surprised the show showed that much?” Clare replied, “Actually, yeah, because it was one of those raw moments. I was actually talking to Chris.”

Clare talked about meeting Moss, revealing, “I'm airing out my pits, I’m like, ‘What is happening here…?’ I've never felt anything like that in my life.”

She went on, “I'll tell you what, coming hot off six months of being alone in a pandemic, that hug was good, that was a good hug.”

“I wouldn't say you're wrong with thinking you know what happens,” Clare said. “I think you know I'm in it for love — there's no secret I'm in it for love. But there's a lot that you'd really be surprised at that people think that you would know.”

So did she find what she was looking for? “Yes, and I can actually, I'll spoil this for you, how about this: I went into this knowing that I wasn’t desperate for love, ‘this was my last try… I want this, I've given up,’ it was never that… I came into this a whole, happy woman, and if I found love, amazing, if I didn't find love, that wasn't my person here. I knew that no matter what, I was going to be okay, so… Knowing that I would come of out of it okay, that’s a win in itself.”

Watch it all play out tonight on ABC!