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Sharon Osbourne Reveals What Pushed Her to ‘Get It Together’ After 2016 Suicide Attempt

Sharon Osbourne Reveals What Pushed Her to ‘Get It Together’ After 2016 Suicide Attempt

“The Talk” co-host Sharon Osbourne, 68, is an open book!

Ahead of World Mental Health Day, Osbourne reflected on her past struggles, including a previously undisclosed suicide attempt in 2016. She shared on the CBS show, “Four years ago, I was finding things very, very difficult. I tried to take my life and it wasn’t for attention. I just couldn’t bear it.”

Co-host Sheryl Underwood chimed in, saying, “I remember that time, and I remember us wanting to give you your space and your privacy.”

Osbourne sought help with her mental health at a treatment center, where she met two young girls who would change her outlook on life. She recalled, “They told me they were drinking and using drugs… both of them, their mothers had committed suicide, and it messed them up so bad that they couldn’t cope with their lives. And that shocked me into, ‘Come on, am I going to do this to my family, my babies? No way.’ And that shocked me; it was like an electric shock, and it was like, ‘Get it together.’”

“It was like, 'Look at these two girls. If I try this again, this could be my kids,'” Sharon pointed out about her children Aimée, 37, Kelly, 35, and Jack, 34, with husband Ozzy Osbourne, 71.

Over the past 10 years, Sharon has used “The Talk” as a platform to tell her personal story.

A week ago, Sharon kept it lighthearted, dishing on her sex life with Ozzy, who she married in 1982. She revealed they have sex “a couple times a week,” but it used to be more frequent!

She joked, “We all know Ozzy was way oversexed. That's no secret. He had enough for all. It’s getting less. It used to be three times a day, but it’s much less now. Let’s say a couple of times a week, which is normal in a long, long relationship."

Of how their sex life has changed over the past 30-plus years, Sharon commented, “Speaking for the older ladies here: when you’re in a relationship, your relationship has highs and lows. And depending on where you are with your relationship, you love each other more.”

“Sex changes, that it’s not just about the sex. It’s about the intimacy. It’s about being with that person that you love. They love you. It just changes,” Osbourne elaborated. “Those goosebumps that you got changes to something else. It's a warmth. It's a respect," she continued. "It is a feeling of love and comfort, so those butterflies change to that comfort. The thing is, if somebody moves you in a certain way, you love them. You make love. It's the best thing in the world.”