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Mike Johnson’s Advice for Bachelor Matt James, Plus: He Talks ‘Making the Love You Want’

Mike Johnson’s Advice for Bachelor Matt James, Plus: He Talks ‘Making the Love You Want’

Many fans wanted to see Mike Johnson as the next Bachelor, and it could still happen! “Extra’s” Bachelor expert Rachel Lindsay caught up with Mike to talk about the show and his new book “Making the Love You Want.”

Mike revealed he is still open to being the Bachelor, saying, “I believe that the process of being in the lead can definitely lead to you finding your love, and I 100 percent would be willing to do that.”

He also shared what he told the next Bachelor, Matt James, saying, “I told Matt to just treat women like your mom told you to… I told him to stand in his beliefs, because he is taking charge of the show,” adding, “but then I also told him make sure he has a nice body.”

Johnson can’t wait to find out if the rumors are true about Clare Crawley finding love and leaving “The Bachelorette” early and being replaced by Tayshia Adams.

He explained, “This is letting people know that if you’re the lead, you do what you want to do.” As for what he thinks of Tayshia, he said, “The woman is literally very emotionally intelligent… Those guys will take it serious ’cause Tayshia ain’t playing.”

The Air Force vet is living in Austin with former Bachelor Connor Saeli, and he just released his first book.

He told Rachel, “So, it is cheeky. And I know that it’s cheeky, but… I want every person… to know that they can make the love that they desire in this world.”

As for dating right now, he said: “I am making the love I want.”

On a more serious note, Johnson opens up in the book about being sexually assaulted by a babysitter when he was 5 years old.

He told Rachel, “Quite honestly, I don’t ever want to be considered a victim. I am someone who is courageous… There are things in that book that I am not proud of at all… I just want people to know that I’m not someone that is just a reality TV personality… and I’ve gone through the struggle myself, and made it on the other side.”

“Making the Love You Want” is available now.