Doc Antle Sounds-Off on Carole Baskin Ahead of His New Docuseries ‘Tiger Kingdom: More Than a King’

Doc Antle Sounds-Off on Carole Baskin Ahead of His New Docuseries ‘Tiger Kingdom: More Than a King’

After appearing in the hugely popular “Tiger King” on Netflix, Doc Antle is taking on the haters in his new docuseries “Tiger Kingdom: More Than a King.”

Doc opened up to “Extra’s” Billy Bush about the project, explaining he wants to set the record straight about a few things. “We’re there just trying to get the story straight about the insanity that tiger cubs have a time limit and they somehow need to be disposed of,” he said. They are also quashing “that somehow we run this all-female sex cult.”

Antle shared what he knew about Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin going into “Tiger King,” saying, “When the show first got put together, Joe was off the radar… I knew there was a guy floundering in Oklahoma and I knew who Carole was, but I had never met her… but the mess that was happening, no one cared, no one knew until it became a federal case and it blew up… Then it became big news with the murder, mayhem, and madness that ensued.”

Joe is serving 22 years in prison for several charges, including hiring a hitman to kill Baskin.

Weighing in on whether Joe Exotic should be pardoned, Antle said, “I don’t know that Joe should be pardoned. Way out of my pay grade. How the heck the president would do something like that, I can’t imagine that that’s going to happen.”

When asked about the rumors surrounding the whereabouts of Baskin’s missing first husband Don Lewis, Doc said, “I have no personal information… I just look at the news. From the way the news looks, we all know Carole killed her husband.”

Billy asked if that is fair, noting the sheriff says she is not a suspect.

Doc replied, “I’ve never met anybody who lies, cheats, and goes after peoples’ lives and prosperity like Carole does… That’s my opinion about Carole. I’ve seen her for 20 years cause an incredible amount of harm and I think that’s her goal.”

He added, “Whether or not she killed her husband, that’s up to the courts. I hear there’s a lot of new evidence and a lot of new stuff coming up. We’ll see how that percolates.”

Carole has denied any involvement in Don’s disappearance.

As for what Antle wants people to take away from his docuseries, he said, “That the tigers that are living in the wild… need to be protected above and beyond the call that’s happening now… It’s good stuff, hoping to save wild cats, and it just gives people a very eye-opening idea that ‘Tiger King’ was just a one-off crazy place in a crazy time.”

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