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Samantha Bee Explains Why Andy Cohen Would Make a Great Debate Moderator

Samantha Bee Explains Why Andy Cohen Would Make a Great Debate Moderator

“Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee isn’t holding back her feelings on Tuesday night’s debate! “Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay caught up with Samantha, who joked that Andy Cohen should have been the moderator.

Following up on a tweet about Andy last night, Samantha told Rachel, “He can just handle people who are talking over each other… It had the energy of a ‘Housewives’ reunion… That was chaos!”

For a reminder of what those reunions are like, check out this "Real Housewives of New York" clip from 2017!

Bee, who takes on politics on her show, continued, “I don't think anybody woke up feeling great about our democracy… I think the entire country has a low-grade headache.”

Rachel asking when she knew it was going off the rails, “I want to say within 90 seconds. Did we even get two minutes in before it started to descend into madness?”

Bee said as a comedian, she doesn’t necessarily look at last night’s debate as good material, “We would all prefer a much more boring government… than the ability to make a Donald Trump joke.”

Now, she has her own horror film-themed campaign to get people to vote, “I Know What You Did Last Election.”

“It really feels like the last four years we've been living in a horror show,” Bee said. “So we just kind of leaned into that feeling… Just to generally terrify people into voting because something has got to work!”

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