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New Details: Naya Rivera’s Son Josey, 4, Said Mom Yelled, 'Help!'

Naya Rivera’s autopsy, toxicology and investigative reports have been released, and they include her 4-year-old son Josey’s account of what happened leading up to her death.

The “Glee” star, 33, died in July while boating with Josey on Lake Piru in Ventura County, California. Josey was found alone on the rented pontoon boat, and Naya’s body was discovered a few days later.

The investigative report, obtained by “Extra,” includes a statement from Naya’s mom Yolanda, who said that the mother and son originally headed to the lake to barbecue, but apparently they changed course and rented a boat instead.

The report revealed that Yolanda also shared Josey’s account of what happened. It read, "He and the decedent counted ‘1,2,3,’ and then jumped off the boat together. Shortly after they jumped in the water, the decedent told Josey to get back on the boat. She helped him onto the boat and he then heard the decedent yell ‘help’ and she put her arm in the air. She then disappeared into the water.”

Yolanda also shared that her daughter was a good swimmer, but sometimes suffered vertigo that could get worse in the water. Sometimes she had “vertigo to the point of vomiting.”

The toxicology report also noted, small amounts of amphetamine, diazepam, and caffeine were reportedly found in her system.

It was further explained in the investigative report, “The decedent had recently been prescribed Adderall for anxiety, but she was unsure if she was taking it. She had a sinus infection recently that she was taking medication for, but the medication was unknown. The decedent would give herself B12 injections. She used a marijuana vape pen and she would smoke about a pack of cigarettes per week. She was known to drink alcohol… There was no known history of suicidal ideation or attempt.”

As was previously reported, the autopsy states “the cause of death is drowning, and the manner of death is accident.”