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John David Washington Remembers ‘Humble’ Chadwick Boseman, Plus: He Opens Up About ‘Tenet’

John David Washington Remembers ‘Humble’ Chadwick Boseman, Plus: He Opens Up About ‘Tenet’

“Tenet” is set to be the first big movie to hit theaters since the COVID-19 pandemic, opening in 41 markets around the world.

“Extra’s’ Renee Bargh caught up with actor John David Washington and director Christopher Nolan, who opened up about the film and the death of Chadwick Boseman.

John David’s father, Denzel Washington, had a profound impact on Chadwick, including quietly paying for him to attend an acting program at Oxford University in the U.K. when he was a student at Howard.

“He obviously had a global impact, was such a skillful actor, was a humble human being, humanitarian,” John David said. “He cared about the work. He cared about people, boys and girls that look like us, and the impact that us onscreen can have on the community.” Getting emotional, he added, “It’s a major loss, and I pray for his family.”

In the thriller “Tenet,” Washington plays an intelligence agent tasked with saving the world. Tom Cruise is already a fan after seeing the movie and posing with a poster in London. Washington gushed, “That was a trip… Him standing at a poster that I’m on… saying, ‘Back to the movies’ was just an epic moment.”

John David did some crazy stunts in the film despite his fear of heights. “It’s safe to say, I am way more comfortable with heights now,” the actor said.

Nolan is happy the film is getting rolled out despite the COVID-19 crisis. “I applaud the studio for looking at the world the way it is now and coming up with a plan that can allow the film to go out slowly and safely in today’s world.”

“Tenet” opens in U.S. theaters September 3.