Corey Feldman Accuses ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ of False Imprisonment and More in Lawsuit

Corey Feldman Accuses ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ of False Imprisonment and More in Lawsuit

Actor Corey Feldman is blasting WeTV, Thinkfactory Media, and the producers of “Marriage Boot Camp” in a new lawsuit.

A press release sent out by his team states that Feldman agreed to participate in the show, which aired in 2019, to obtain genuine therapy for childhood trauma and PTSD endured by Corey and his brother Eden.

Instead, “He claims that the Producers, Doctors, and the Network are responsible for causing PTSD and damaging his reputation making it difficult to deliver his message to protect children by fraudulently manipulating him into Celebrity Childhood Sexual Trauma Reality Porn, a common concept we are now seeing more often on television.”

Feldman, who produced and self-funded “My Truth: The Rape of 2 Coreys,” claims that scripted elements of the unscripted show hurt his credibility as National Ambassador for Child USA and his efforts to fight against child sex trafficking and similar crimes.

Furthermore, he believes, the production was “capitalizing on the individual’s inability to cope with life” without offering support or a safety net.

Corey is alleging “negligent medical and professional behavior in addition to false imprisonment, false inducement to perform, entering into fictitious development agreement, and emotional distress and trauma stemming from the treatment received on and off camera.”

In court docs obtained by The Blast, he addresses the false imprisonment accusation, stating they “held him and his family hostage under duress in a location unknown to them, causing severe emotional trauma.”

In the papers, Corey also insists the experience “has caused distress to the entire Feldman family. Mr. Feldman’s brother and wife (Courtney Anne Mitchell) came on the Show at his request in reliance on the assurances given to Mr. Feldman by the Defendants to their detriment.”

The “Goonies” star is seeking a jury trial and undisclosed financial settlement.

WeTV has not commented on the lawsuit.