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'Finding Freedom' Author Weighs In on Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton Feud

'Finding Freedom' Author Weighs In on Meghan Markle & Kate Middleton Feud

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals, and now the juicy new tell-all “Finding Freedom” is shedding light on why they chose to leave.

“Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers caught up with author Omid Scobie, who did not interview the couple, but who did talk to their inner circle about why they quit royal life.

He explained, “I hope that when people read this, they have a better understanding of who Harry and Megan are, but also why they've made the decisions that they felt they needed to make.”

For instance, they had a nickname for the old guard, and Scobie revealed, “One of the names that kept coming up… were the 'vipers.' One time, they referred to it as the vipers' nest and I think that really sums up that sort of almost toxic atmosphere that they were unfortunately part of for some time.”

It turns out the old guard had a nickname for Meghan, too. “One senior member of the royal family refers to her as Harry's showgirl,” the author said.

Omid also says before they went public with their engagement, Meghan and Harry had actually been hiding that news for months.

How did they keep it under wraps? Scobie explained, “Harry found that a lot of the leaks within that circle were actually within the walls of the palace itself… So to keep things to themselves they kept it away from the royal palaces.

One of the biggest royal drama headlines has been the tension between couples Meghan and Harry and Kate and William.

Scobie pointed out, “It is interesting because firstly, a lot of the blame was put on Meghan and Kate… in reality the problems [were really] between the two brothers.”

He went on, “We reached a scene in the book where William sits down with Harry… to tell him to just be careful at the speed at which his relationship is going. On its own, that may look like a slightly oversensitive reaction from Harry to think that his brother may have not been looking out for him or may have been doubting his relationship, but when you really look at what has built up to that, you can kind of see where maybe some of his grievances come from.”

“Finding Freedom” is available now.