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Cameron Diaz Reveals Why She Quit Hollywood

Cameron Diaz Reveals Why She Quit Hollywood

Cameron Diaz, 47, hasn’t starred in a movie since 2014's movie "Annie"... what happened?

In a conversation with Gwyneth Paltrow for "In goop Health: The Sessions," Diaz opened up about her decision to step away from acting, revealing, “I just decided that I wanted different things out of my life. I had gone so hard for so long, working, making films, and it’s such a grind. I didn’t really make any space for my personal life.”

As for how she felt about walking away from a successful movie career, Diaz shared, “A peace. I got a peace in my soul. I finally was taking care of myself.”

“When you’re making a movie, it’s a perfect excuse — they own you,” Diaz elaborated. “You’re there for 12 hours a day for months on end and you have no time for anything else,” she said. “Actors are infantilized. We’re put in a position where everything is taken care of for us.”

Stressing her desire to be “self-sufficient,” Diaz noted that by stepping away from Hollywood she was “putting all the pieces of my life together the way that I wanted it to be put together, not how other people thought it should go.”

Since leaving acting behind, Cameron has been busy living life with husband Benji Madden and their daughter Raddix. During the chat, Cameron gave credit to Gwyneth for helping her with motherhood. She said, “I don’t think I would have been this parent at 25… [I] would not have become a mother if it wasn’t for you. I used to tell you, ‘I’m not having kids.’ And you would say, ‘No, you are having kids… you’re getting married!’”

In April, Diaz dished on her life in quarantine in a rare interview with Who What Wear CEO Katherine Power on Instagram Live.

Cameron revealed, "I've kinda been living a quarantine life anyhow because I have a three-month-old... So my life has been completely quiet and still for the last few months. But I was able to have my friends over all the time. And now I just don't see anybody."

The 47-year-old went on, "But it's nice, and I love a bubble and being in the womb of my home with my husband and cooking," she added. "But at the same time it's crazy that you can't go out to the world right now."

She is really loving his new chapter in her life, gushing, "I love being a mother. It's the best, best, best part of my life. I'm so grateful and so happy and it's the best thing ever and I'm so lucky to do it with Benj and we're having the best time. I'm thrilled. I can't believe it."

Her new normal is "cooking, cleaning or taking care of my baby — and usually all at the same time,” and her nightly routine sounds relatable!

"I have to cook at night. I know people hate cooking… I drink [wine] every night — it's my wind-down for the day," she explained. "After we do bath time with our baby and we put her to sleep, Benji puts her to bed, he's so good. He's such an amazing father. I'm so lucky he's my baby's father. He's incredible. He puts her down and I go into the kitchen and I pour myself a nice glass of red wine. I start my cooking, I put on my show, whatever it is."

Diaz is also exploring her entrepreneurial side with her new organic wine Avaline, which just launched in July.