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Luke Bryan on His Quarantine Hobby, Recent Birthday with Friends, and ‘American Idol’

Luke Bryan on His Quarantine Hobby, Recent Birthday with Friends, and ‘American Idol’

Luke Bryan found a hobby during quarantine. The country music star is growing corn!

“Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers spoke with Luke, who talked about his harvest, his new album, his birthday, and whether he’ll be back on “American Idol.”

He told Jenn he already picked his first batch of corn and has more coming in after planting four acres. “I was bored during quarantine,” he said. “I go out there like ‘Green Acres’ on my little tractor, kept planting corn. I’m like, there is no way this will all come up.” It did, and Bryan boasted, “I crushed it. For once in my life, I was really a great farmer.”

About his new album, “Born Here, Live Here, Die Here,” he said, “I’ve already had three number ones off the songs… We were supposed to put the album out in April. With all of the COVID stuff, the world, we felt like it wasn’t time to do that… We decided to put it off till August 7. We did put out ‘One Margarita,’ which is a really, really fun song to have out this summer… I’m really proud of it.”

He is ready for the fans to hear it, too: “I have been riding around in my truck listening to it during quarantine.”

Like many things on hold, Luke’s tour was affected by the pandemic. “We rescheduled everything till next year,” he said, adding, “Once we figure out sports and allowing people to come back to sporting events, we can start getting really serious about looking into touring.”

The star just celebrated his 44th birthday in July, revealing, “We took the boys. We did a rafting trip down the Snake River, rafted into a campsite. It was the day of my birthday. Had a birthday party, we had no running water — we had spring water running out the side of the mountain… I had to take a makeshift shower.”

Smiling, he added, “My wife had always envisioned having some romantic waterfall moment. I’m like, ‘Baby, what’s wrong with this?’ It was 52 degrees, not proper timing.”

Breaking this news about the next season of “American Idol” and whether he, Katy, and Lionel will return, he said, “I totally am in full anticipation that I will be back. It all feels like it’s trending in the right direction… Can’t imagine ‘American Idol’ without my partners.”