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Briana Nicole Henry Talks Quarantine Wedding, Plus: ‘General Hospital’ Production Rumors

“Extra’s” Special Correspondent, “General Hospital” alum Tamera Braun, interviewed her former castmate Briana Nicole Henry, who dished on her quarantine wedding and the state of America today.

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A few weeks ago, Henry married musician Kris Bowers in a backyard wedding. She shared, “We called our parents and we’re like... 'So, we're getting married on June 6… We're still figuring it out. No, I don't have a dress. No, he doesn't know what he's gonna wear.'”

To protect the safety of the guests, there was COVID-19 testing provided. She emphasized, “Our goal was: Get married, make sure no one walks away with COVID-19.

Briana waited some time before posting the wedding photos on social media. Briana explained, “We were really hesitant about posting photos right away… We wanted to just give a little bit of space to George Floyd and all the things that were directly happening at the time.”

Henry plays a police officer on “General Hospital,” and her father, who is white, is on the force in real life. She noted, “I've always said, ‘My dad is a good human being’ and, you know, he's a great cop... But even with him, you know, we've had some difficult conversations.”

“We talk about specific cases and, you know, ways that he's trying to have me understand where the cop is coming from and me being like, 'You have to understand where the human on the other end of that cop is coming from,'" Henry added.

When Tamera asked if "GH" will address the country’s unrest, Briana answered, “Listen, I can't control what it does, but I hope with every inch of my body that we take advantage of this opportunity… to tell the story that I think our country is experiencing right now.”

Though she still isn’t sure when production will be back up and running, Briana revealed, “We were planning on going back in the middle of July… Just as production was revving up for a bunch of these shows… cases have spiked.”

In response to rumors that love scenes are being shot with blow-up dolls, Briana quipped, “I've heard rumors of the blow-up dolls and I've heard real people's actual partners… I'm like... 'Maybe we just lay off the love scenes for a couple months?'"