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Russell Crowe on Quarantine Life with His Parents, Plus: He Addresses ‘Gladiator’ Rumors

Russell Crowe on Quarantine Life with His Parents, Plus: He Addresses ‘Gladiator’ Rumors

Russell Crowe has a new movie out, “Unhinged,” where he plays a not-so-nice guy terrorizing a woman who honked at him in traffic. Off-screen, though, he’s the ideal son quarantining with his elderly parents in Australia, and he’s telling “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson all about it.

“I’m isolating in isolation. I’m in the bush. I decided to be here because my mom and dad are pretty old,” he said. “Now, my dad’s 84 and my mom’s 79. And they’re suffering from the things that people get at that age, you know, early onset this and that, you know, so it was just a better thing for me to do to decide to be where they were. Because, you know, my kids are in Sydney… it was a good decision for me to be happy with my mom and dad.”

Sharing their schedule, the actor said they do “weekly things,” explaining, “we do this on a Tuesday and that on a Thursday… They drive up to the top of the hill to a completely different village where there’s a lady there who colors my mom’s hair... She’s 79, of course, she’s never had a gray hair in her life. And, you know, my dad likes to go there because they’re making cups of tea and they give a comfortable seat.”

When Charissa asked what his mother would think of him in “Unhinged,” he replied, “I’ve actually told her she’s not allowed to see this one. There’s occasionally movies that come along that I do that I don’t like her to see. And I think that this one’s under that heading.”

Crowe reflected on the fact that his new movie is the first big release in theaters in Australia post-lockdown, saying, “There’s a lot of talk going on where safety is the first priority… I think people are starting to yearn for, you know, the things that they feel are normal in their lives and getting back into that cinema… where all the crazy stuff happens on the screen, not actually in your life.”

As for all the talk about another “Gladiator” movie, he said, “Look, I’m pretty sure I died in the first one… There’s a lot of conversations going on about it. But none of those conversations have been had with me.”

“Unhinged” opens in theaters July 10.