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Nick Viall Fires Back with New Photo After Fans Say He's Too Skinny in Shirtless Pic

Nick Viall Fires Back with New Photo After Fans Say He's Too Skinny in Shirtless Pic

Fans are calling for Nick Viall to gain weight after he posted a shirtless selfie, but he isn’t having it.

Nick posted the pic as his season of “The Bachelorette” re-aired on ABC as part of “Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!” The episode featured the moment he proposed to Kaitlyn Bristowe and got turned down.

Viall, who went on to star in his own season of “The Bachelor,” wrote in the caption, “Because I get dumped AGAIN on National TV tonight.”

In the photo, Nick poses in the mirror in black bottoms as he leans against a wall. Some fans, however, thought he was too skinny, with one person writing, “Please gain weight.”

Another insisted, “90lbs soaking wet… I am sure there is a steak with your name on it.” Nick responded, “190lbs.” When another commenter told him to eat a burger, he claimed he ate five “this week.”

Nick followed up with a second shirtless selfie, telling fans to be careful with their words.

He wrote, “I don’t want to even admit that the comments made me feel self-conscious, but I assume many of you would think I can’t be bothered. So I’m here to say it did. I hope thats ok.”

The 39-year-old went on, “I don’t feel like I should have to say that the past few months I have been running 4 miles a day and feel like I am in the best shape of my life. Or that I eat bacon and snickers ice cream bars everyday. If told you how much pasta I eat, I would just annoy you.”

Vial explained, “The point is, the next time you want to criticize someone based on a bad angle, just be careful. A pic doest tell people’s story. You could be stripping down months of work and process someone has made on their own self improvement.”

On a lighter note, he wrote, “And god forbid you cause them to never want to post shirtless selfie again. Me…I”ll be ok (Im still pretty sure I look fantastic naked).”