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Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly’s Official Cause of Death Revealed

Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly’s Official Cause of Death Revealed

Nearly two months later, new details have been released about the death of Ashley Mattingly, Playboy’s Miss March 2011.

TMZ reports Mattingly took her own life with a gunshot to the head.

According to her autopsy report, Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office noted that she put a handgun in her mouth and pulled the trigger.

The report revealed that she had opiates and benzos in her system at the time of her death.

In April, Mattingly was fond unresponsive in her home in Austin, Texas. She was discovered after a concerned friend called authorities asking for a welfare check.

Mattingly reportedly left a suicide note, which police have kept as part of their investigation.

Her siblings told TMZ that her state's Safer at Home order had been hard on Ashley. She had adopted a golden retriever puppy for comfort, and the dog is now with family.

Just days before her death, Mattingly was in a hospital, where she posted a video on Instagram from her hospital bed, revealing she was sick from alcohol.

The 33-year-old wrote in the caption, “I'm not quarantined I took bad advice and drank too much which I vometed [sic] a lot of blood - please slow down on the drinking ! U won't be able to get into a hospital ! I'm lucky!”

In the video, Ashley uses an animal filter that alters her voice. She seems to say, “I don’t have COVID-19, but I'm sick with alcohol.. .don't drink it. Don't drink it. Leave it alone.”

Other Instagram posts also hold clues about her troubled life.

A few weeks before her death, she posed with a gun strapped to her thigh, while in February she posted some alarming messages like, “I Ashley Mattingly is not going down as you’re drunk playboy playmate! Remember this!”

Another post said, “DEATH ISN’T FUNNY!”