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Porsha Williams Tears Up Over Racism and George Floyd Protests

Porsha Williams Tears Up Over Racism and George Floyd Protests

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams has been letting her voice be heard following the killing of George Floyd.

“Extra” spoke to Williams, who recently protested in Atlanta. Overcome with emotion, she tearfully shared, “It's just difficult to keep waking up and seeing more and more death. More black people being killed and even more and more white people being mistreated at the protests. It's just hard to wake up and see what we're dealing with.”

Porsha said her daughter is part of the driving force to fight for change, explaining, “When I see my daughter, it's just like... 'I'm gonna fight. I'm gonna push.' I don't want her to have to deal with this. I don't want anyone to have to deal with this, honestly.”

Williams took to social media to detail how she and the crowd she was in were tear-gassed by police on the frontlines of an Atlanta protest. She reflected, “That was just awful. It really was… It was disheartening to be out there and try to be heard and wanted to send this powerful message that we are standing together in a visual way… And to be gassed felt like I was being silenced.”

The reality star, who has been active with Black Lives Matter in both the cases of Breonna Taylor and Floyd, vowed to keep fighting emphasizing, “It was tough for me to go back out there after that. It was a bit traumatizing. But I'll tell you what it really taught me is that protesting is a real thing… You are definitely putting your life on the line.”

“I am a black woman and I'm always gonna be proud of that,” Williams continued. “And I'm always going to stand… with my people against injustice.”

Williams comes from a family of activists. She pointed out, “Rev. Hosea Williams is my grandfather, and his first legacy was fighting for civil rights alongside with Martin Luther King. He was called the bull in the china cabinet. He would be the one to rally everybody together and get them passionate about the cause.”

As for what her grandfather’s reaction would be, Porsha answered, “He would be proud, he would say he’s proud once, and the next thing would be, 'Get up and keep going.'"

Porsha is also rallying her fellow “Housewives,” saying, “Listen, we understand we have represented Atlanta. And we're not gonna let them down. Not one of us. We are all doing something in our own way. Believe that. ‘Atlanta Housewives’ has your back.

On a lighter note, Porsha is getting ready to celebrate her birthday. She dished, “My birthday is coming up June 22 — that’s exciting. I’ll be 39, closer to 40.”