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Amanda Kloots Details Nick Cordero’s ‘Rocky Night’ in New Update

Amanda Kloots Details Nick Cordero’s ‘Rocky Night’ in New Update

Broadway star Nick Cordero is still fighting for his life after a devastating bout of COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Cordero’s wife Amanda Kloots shared a new health update on Instagram, writing, “He had a little bit of a rocky night [last] night, spiked a fever and they had to do a little bit of fixing of that and antibiotics. Luckily, everything is back to normal today and that was just a little blip."

“Things are going –­ I think –­ good and he's stable," Kloots continued. "They'll probably be looking into doing another CT scan of his lungs to see what kind of progress or if there's further damage in his lungs."

Kloots revealed that Cordero could be going through “another round of stem cells” treatment to help repair his lungs, which have been “severely damaged” by COVID-19.

Amanda also expressed her sadness that Nick would miss their son’s first birthday. She said, “It breaks my heart that Nick can't be there. I literally can't even talk about it because it makes me so sad. I plan on FaceTiming so he can see Elvis.”

While it will be “really hard” without Nick in attendance, Amanda noted, “Luckily, I have my family and we're doing a nice family birthday party for Elvis, and we're going to try to make it as special as he can for the little guy."

Last week, Amanda maintained her optimism, even when she was told to prepare for the worst. She shared, “I’ve been told a couple times that he won’t make it. I’ve been told to say goodbye. I’ve been told it would take a miracle."

She pointed out, "Well, I have faith. Faith that is small as a mustard seed sometimes, but that is all you need sometimes. He’s still here and despite his odds gets slightly, slightly better every day. Where there is faith, there is hope. Where there is hope, there can be a miracle!"

Nick was admitted to an L.A. hospital in late March after testing positive for COVID-19. Some of the complications Cordero has faced since then include septic shock, "mini-strokes," and a leg amputation.

A few weeks ago, Amanda opened up to "Extra's" Renee Bargh about Nick's health battle. Watch.