Elisabeth Moss Gives an Update on ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ Plus: Her New Movie ‘Shirley’

Elisabeth Moss Gives an Update on ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ Plus: Her New Movie ‘Shirley’

Elisabeth Moss gave “Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers an update on “The Handmaid’s Tale” while promoting her new film “Shirley.”

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down filming on many productions, including the hit Hulu series. Moss was set to make her directorial debut this season, but that has all been paused for the moment.

“We were only two weeks in, so we actually have an entire season to shoot,” Moss said, adding, “We want to go back to work because families have people to support and rent they need to pay, but at the same time no human’s life is worth a TV show. We’re just trying to figure out how to do it safely for everybody.”

Moss was joined by her co-star Michael Stuhlbarg to talk about their new movie, “Shirley.” Elisabeth plays famed real-life horror writer Shirley Jackson, and Michael plays Stanley, her college professor husband. The story centers around a young couple who moves in with them and ends up in a psycho-drama that inspires the author’s major novel.

Elisabeth said of Shirley and Stanley’s relationship, “They were really in love and respected each other and admired each other, and that was important to capture.”

The movie opens Friday, June 5, on VOD, Hulu, and at drive-ins. Michael said, “It’s being rolled out at drive-ins… That’s wonderful — bring back the drive-in.” Moss agreed, saying, “I would love it if that became a regular thing.”