Tracee Ellis Ross Says Playing a Singing Icon Like Her Mom in ‘The High Note’ Was ‘Terrifying’

Tracee Ellis Ross Says Playing a Singing Icon Like Her Mom in ‘The High Note’ Was ‘Terrifying’

Tracee Ellis Ross is keeping busy in quarantine and she has a new movie debuting next week.

“Extra’s” Cheslie Kryst spoke to Tracee about what she’s been up to and got the scoop on “The High Note.”

Ross revealed she has been “cooking, cleaning, Zooming, and a lot of laundry,” adding, “I cook so much… I’ve been learning how to cook things I love to order because I haven’t ordered anything.”

Fans can order her new movie on demand May 29, starring Ross as a superstar singer. The role is a bit familiar considering her mother is Diana Ross. Tracee confessed, “It was terrifying. I was terrified. It's a childhood dream come to life, one that turned into a fear. When you hold something locked inside for that long it becomes scarier and scarier.”

She said of her character, “Grace Davis is a larger-than-life sort of iconic woman who has been a singing superstar for decades with hits on hits on hits, it felt really fun to step in that role.”

Did she call up her mom for insight into being a world-famous singer? “I actually didn't ask her for advice," Tracee admitted. I actually just shared the music with her when we finally got to that place… I shared that I got a big role, but didn’t tell her what it was… So it was really fun to share it with her once I felt good about it and it's been really exciting to share it with the world, honestly.”

She did, however, fly some of the cast and crew to Las Vegas to see her mom in concert. Tracee said, “They all knew what my fear was about and worry about comparison, so I flew everybody to Vegas… I brought my friends to see my mom work.”