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Watch Brad Pitt’s Surprise Message for Missouri State Graduates!

Brad Pitt sent a surprise shout-out to the Missouri State University Class of 2020!

Pitt grew up in Springfield, Missouri, where the university is located, and assistant professor Elizabeth King posted a video on social media asking Brad to record an uplifting message to the graduates amid the coronavirus pandemic. He answered the call.

MSU posted the video on Twitter, with a cute introduction by University President Clif Smart.

In the video, Pitt says, "Hi, everyone. Brad here from quarantine with a shout-out to the graduating class of Missouri State University. Yeah, it must be very strange doing this in these trying times, but know we're rooting for you. Our money's on you to make this world a better place. And we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. So, you did it. You made it. Enjoy. Congrats again, and think big."

King had previously tweeted, "I had a wild idea that Brad Pitt would do his hometown a solid & cheer up @MissouriState grads who won't walk this Friday. Haven't heard from anyone I emailed, so here's a video I never thought I'd share. Last shot for my students. Twitter, do your thing."

She continued, "I'm reaching out to you because I'm feeling wild and why not. I'm hoping you can send a message of support for our 2020 grads at Missouri State. As you know, graduation is clearly not what students anticipated and there is a lot of disappointment rolling around here in Springfield… And I think you could help, right? We love you. Everybody loves you."