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Rita Wilson Talks Giving Back with New Song Inspired by Her Mom

Rita Wilson Talks Giving Back with New Song Inspired by Her Mom

Rita Wilson is paying it forward with her music! The star opened up to “Extra’s” Billy Bush about how she’s giving back with her new song “Where’s My Country Song?” She also offered a health update after recovering from COVID-19.

Rita and husband Tom Hanks both had the coronavirus early on, and she told Billy, “Everybody is healthy, we're good. There are no lingering symptoms. We feel great.” The couple was diagnosed with COVID-19 while they were in Australia, but they still aren’t sure where they contracted it.

“They don't really know,” she said. “I can tell you that everybody in our close contacts has tested negative, and that's from family to anybody on our team and my band, because I was down in Australia doing concerts.”

Rita and Tom announced their illness on social media in March. Wilson explained, “In some ways we were calm because we weren’t exposed to all the information about how devastating this disease has been. We had excellent care in Australia… Happy we are on the other side of it now.”

Now, she is paying it forward with CMT’s “Feed the Front Line” fundraiser on Wednesday by performing her new song “Where’s My Country Song?,” a song inspired by her mother.

“My mom was a person who did everything for us,” Rita said. “She was a housewife, a homemaker… I thought she was my hero… I started thinking about all the women in our country who are raising children, sometimes raising children on their own… all the women who work behind the scenes… I wanted to write a song about those women."

She added, "We found all this incredible old footage of women working over the last decades and centuries, so I hope people will go to YouTube and check it out because it's really pretty and really beautiful.”

All the proceeds from Wednesday’s event will go to feeding frontline workers. “It's a great organization and I’m so happy to be a part of this concert… Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney… Sheryl Crow... it's a great group of people, and it should be a wonderful concert.”

Learn more about the fundraiser here!