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David Spade Talks ‘The Wrong Missy,’ Plus: He Reacts to Joe Exotic Comparisons

David Spade Talks ‘The Wrong Missy,’ Plus: He Reacts to Joe Exotic Comparisons

David Spade is bringing us all something to laugh about during quarantine with his new Netflix movie, “The Wrong Missy.”

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with David and his co-star Lauren Lapkus to learn more.

The always funny Spade had fun with Renee, who did the interview from home via Zoom. “Renee, do all the people from Extra stay in that house? Because I feel like it looks familiar. Are you guys all in the ‘Too Hot to Handle’ house?”

In the movie, Spade is ready for a house party as a guy who invites “the wrong missy,” played by Lapkus, to a corporate retreat in Hawaii.

Lauren said, “It’s the perfect time for this to come out. I think people could use a break for an hour and a half.”

Renee commented, “And I mean, lots of physical comedy from you David… I hear you have quite a sensitive body.”

David said, smiling, “Is that what you heard on the Internet? Hear that on Tinder? In the comments? I will say Lauren is obviously tougher than me.”

They also filmed an over-the-top over the cliff scene. David said, “I walked past the signs that said, ‘Do not go in the water, super dangerous, everyone’s dying,’ and I see Lauren splashing around and they’re like… ‘One more’… Waves are hitting her like tsunamis.”

Spade recently revealed he is, just like us, obsessed with another Netflix show, “Tiger King.” Fans wanted him to play Joe Exotic, but news just broke that the role will go to Nic Cage.

David said, “I think I was flattered by people saying I look exactly like Joe Exotic. I think that’s the most flattering thing.” Laughing, he added, “I’d rather take [Leo] DiCaprio.”

As for his take on Joe’s nemesis Carole Baskin, who many believe killed her husband, Spade said, “Carole is sort of the one that got away from me... As my wife, she’s very interesting.”

“The Wrong Missy” premieres May 13.