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Kevin Costner on His Anthem of Hope ‘The Sun Will Rise Again’

Kevin Costner on His Anthem of Hope ‘The Sun Will Rise Again’

Kevin Costner is sharing his anthem of hope, “The Sun Will Rise Again,” during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Extra’s” Billy Bush caught up with the star, who was quarantining with his family in Santa Barbara.

Costner recently posted a heartfelt message to fans along with a performance of “The Sun Will Rise Again” on YouTube.

He told Billy, “My friend called me and said, ‘Hey Kev, Why don't you send something out to the people who know your music. I don't know how big a base that is… But I have really respected the people who follow me, so I just sent a note to them and it seemed like it jumped past them.”

Opening about the song that he actually recorded years ago, he said, “The song has a hopeful theme, but it doesn't shy away from the moment and that's the biggest tell in the song for me actually.”

Fans of his hit TV series “Yellowstone” can look forward to new music based on the show. “We just finished an album called “Tales of Yellowstone” that'll be coming out,” he said.

Kevin also opened up about the pandemic and mixed reports in the news, saying, “It's confusing, it is… and anyone that would play games, anyone that would play games is not of this moment and not of this world… and certainly there's people paying a price and when you have the microphone, you have to be careful.”

The Oscar winner also shared his thoughts on moving on when this is all over, “It's hard to have a crystal ball. I think a lot of people are playing that game, ‘What does life look like… Does our lifestyle stay the same? Do we have to do something else?’ I don't know… I don't have any great answers. Not sure how to talk to the masses, don't know that I'm even qualified, so I just did a song, you know.”

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