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Kate Hudson Says She Would Have Dated ‘Almost Famous’ Co-Star Jimmy Fallon!

Kate Hudson Says She Would Have Dated ‘Almost Famous’ Co-Star Jimmy Fallon!
Kate & Jimmy at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards.

Confession time! Kate Hudson told Jimmy Fallon she would have dated him 20 years ago… if he had asked.

Kate appeared on "The Tonight Show” via video chat, where the pair reminisced about shooting “Almost Famous.”

A few months ago, while playing a game with Margot Robbie on his show, Fallon had admitted that he could have dated Hudson way back then.

Hudson heard about the confession, and told Jimmy she had no idea he felt that way about her.

“I wish people could be in my body to watch you and I's relationship and friendship, because you gave me no indication,” she told him.

Fallon pointed out, "I felt a little indication. I thought we were good together. We were good buddies. We hung out all the time."

Kate insisted, "Jimmy, if you would have actually made a move I would have totally gone there.”

Fallon, looking shocked, said, "No you wouldn't have.”

Hudson gushed, "Yes, of course! I remember thinking to myself, like, 'Why has Jimmy never made a move?' And then I just kind of realized, 'Oh, he's not into me like that.' I was just like 'Okay, well whatever.' And so, then I met Chris [Robinson]."

She went on, "I was a single girl in New York and life was what it was. If you would've been like, 'Hey,' you know, who knows, our whole life trajectory could have been different, Jimmy."

They didn’t get together, but Jimmy told her, "Everything turned out perfectly.” Hudson agreed, "Exactly the way it was supposed to."

It turns out Jimmy was actually there when Kate met her ex-husband Robinson, of the Black Crowes. In fact, Fallon even loaned her some Black Crowes CDs at the time!

Kate and Chris were married from 2000 to 2007 and have a son named Ryder, 16. She later welcomed son Bingham, now 8, with Matt Bellamy of Muse. Hudson is currently dating Danny Fukijawa. Their daughter Rani was born in 2018.

Jimmy married Nancy Juvonen in 2007, and they have two daughters, Winnie, 6, and Frances, 5.