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‘Big Brother’ Alums Kathryn Dunn & Nick Maccarone Split

After less than a year of dating, “Big Brother” couple Kathryn Dunn and Nick Maccarone are over.

Dunn confirmed the breakup, telling Us Weekly, “Just the whole timing of the quarantine really took a toll.”

Dunn had plans to see Maccarone in New jersey but had to cancel, due to the stay-at-home rules put in place. Since they were quarantining apart, it only led to more speculation. She said, “They were messaging him things like, ‘Oh, you deserve to find someone who really loves you, and she’s just not it.’ You know, just getting involved in our business. It was kind of starting to cause, like, little arguments here and there. Just that along with the stress of quarantine and everything going on, it was getting like a little shaky I guess.”

She noted that they ended the relationship on April 9 after she poked fun at him on Instagram Live, leading to an argument. She shared, “Regularly, like, I think that he would have taken the joke in stride, but I think that just like that on top of the fans saying, like, ‘Oh, she doesn’t really like you,’ and all the other stuff, I think that it was maybe just like the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“It was just a little — and I’ll say this cause we’ve talked about it since, so he knows — it was very childish. It was something that shouldn’t have happened, especially on such a public outlet,” Kathryn added.

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After a “really long talk,” the pair felt like they should call it quits. She commented, “We both decided that it was best given the current stressors, that it wasn’t a good time to really continue our relationship.”

Despite the split, they still communicate through text, phone calls, and FaceTime. She pointed out, “He’s still one of my best friends; we still talk pretty much every day.”

Weeks before their breakup, Nick expressed how much he missed Kathryn. He wrote on Instagram, “I need this coronavirus to be done so I can get my girlfriend back. Miss her so much. Thanks for making my heart beat different when I’m with you.”

Last year, Kathryn and Nick met on Season 21 of “Big Brother.”