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Chris Cuomo’s Wife Cristina on How She's Helping Him Battle COVID-19

Chris Cuomo’s Wife Cristina on How She's Helping Him Battle COVID-19

Chris Cuomo has been publicly battling COVID-19 as he continues to host his CNN show from home.

His wife Cristina has been helping to treat him, and in a new interview with Billy Bush, she gave an update on his condition. “We finished week two… and he's on day 18,” she said, adding, “Many have said that it's about a 21-day aggressive-symptom virus.”

Cristina, who had an aggressive form of Lyme disease, shared that she is nervous for herself, saying, “It's sort of like day to day you wake up and pray you don't have it that day.”

To protect herself in the home, Cristina revealed, “I stand at the top of the stairs and there's a landing there. I put a food tray down… I have my gloves and mask… He comes to the stairs and we hang out.”

Cristina, who is the editor in chief of The Purist, reveals she’s helping nurse Chris back to health using techniques she learned from Dr. Linda Lancaster, an energy medicine physician. “Food is medicine, too, so our whole effort was to build back his immune system… We integrated things his doctors suggested such as Tylenol and Allegra-D, but most importantly it was the good food and herbs, the oxygenated herbs… and obviously the vitamins were critical for this and necessary right now.”

Cristina provided more details of his diet, saying, “I put together sort of a clean diet that didn't put stress on his liver, and I didn't want to tax his bodily functions so that all the energy was focused on digesting fatty foods… food that builds energy… So, you need a lot of soups, lentil soup, chicken soups, legumes, vegetable soups, which are always good when someone is sick.”

Cuomo’s on-air banter with his brother, New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo, has become must-see TV. Andrew has been praised for navigating the state through the outbreak. “You know, Andrew is a highly intelligent man who we're all realizing has very practical, mechanical skills to fix things… He's also very funny, and the two of them are like this all the time. There's no script, they're just going after each other all the time and it's hilarious. It keeps things in really sort of a sane place right now,” Cristina said.

Billy noted that the Governor is an eligible bachelor, saying, “I would imagine that all your single friends might be texting: ‘Yo! Cristina! Introduce me? He’s a catch, this guy!’”

Cristina said, smiling, “He's a great, big catch. The texts have been on overload: ‘Can I meet Andrew?’ And it's great.”