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'Tiger King' Star Dillon Passage Calls Out Jeff Lowe

'Tiger King' Star Dillon Passage Calls Out Jeff Lowe
Us Weekly

Dillon Passage, "Tiger King" star Joe Exotic's fourth husband, has spoken out about the phenomenally popular series... and just told Us Weekly he doesn't have anything positive to say about the show's heavy, Jeff Lowe.

In an exclusive interview, Passage, 24, said, "I know Jeff Lowe personally and I can’t speak highly of him, because there has not been one day or one thing he has done that made me think, ‘Oh, that’s a good guy,' Never once did I think that."

As far as whether he blames Lowe for Exotic's current incarceration — he is serving 22 years in prison for hiring a hitman to kill his arch-enemy Carole Baskin and for animal abuse — Passage candidly said, "I do know that the entire thing was orchestrated by Jeff."

"[Lowe] made that obvious very many times," Passage pointed out. "Even in the docuseries, he says, 'Some people may call it setting up, but I call it persuading.' That just shows character right there, or lack of."

Lowe now runs Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma.

As for Baskin, who has faced widespread conspiracy theories about the fate of her husband, who has been missing over 20 years, Passage told Us he had no ill will toward her. "I know that her and Joe just didn’t have a good relationship. He was in a dark place and she was constantly throwing lawsuits at him."

The Us Weekly interview follows a juicy radio interview Passage granted Andy Cohen on "Radio Andy" at the end of March, in which he dished on falling in love with Joe, their sex life, and his impressions of the show's colorful cast of characters.

"Tiger King" is streaming on Netflix.