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Peter Weber Sets the Record Straight on Kelley Flanagan Dating Rumors

Peter Weber Sets the Record Straight on Kelley Flanagan Dating Rumors
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More than two weeks after they were spotted together in Chicago, “The Bachelor” star Peter Weber is addressing those rumors that he is dating fellow contestant Kelley Flanagan.

During a chat with Nick Viall on his “The Viall Files” podcast, Peter commented, “Are we dating? No. Do I love spending time with her? Absolutely. We're not dating. Could I see that in the future? Yeah, of course. I'd be extremely lucky and very happy if that happened. Of anyone, I'm the last person that needs to rush into any kind of relationship. I just had an engagement that didn't work out. I just was trying to pursue things with another woman that didn't work out. That's why right now, I'm just taking it really, really slow."

While they may not be dating, Peter and Kelley are quarantining together, even appearing in TikTok videos. He shared, “She's always been supportive of me. Long story short, I wasn't working so I thought I'd go out there [to Chicago] and spend some time with her, take her mind off some [family] things. This was right when everything was starting to hit with the quarantine stuff... and it kind of just became a thing where we've always gotten along really well, and had really good chemistry. We just enjoy each other's company. I just decided to quarantine up here with Dustin as well."

According to TMZ, Peter and Kelley were flirty and handsy during their outing near Lake Michigan.

As for how they reconnected, Peter revealed, “There's a lot of stuff that people don't know. My relationship with Kelley has been... serendipitous. You go all the way back to the very beginning — us running into each other before any of this stuff started. Obviously, the show happened and it didn't work out for us. Over the Super Bowl, I was in Miami and I had the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl with my brother, and I ran into her on the Saturday night before the Super Bowl."

“Within our relationship on the show, it didn't really play out in the best way for us. It just wasn't gonna work on the show. Fast-forward [to] now, a couple weeks ago, I'm out with Dylan [Barbour] and Devin [Harris] and I was texting Kristian [Haggerty], asking her if she wanted to come out with us,” Weber elaborated. “She's comes out with us, she's with Kelley. Me not knowing this. They show up, I see Kelley again... jaw drops. We chat, we end up hanging out and that's when I got her number. We started to communicate and just stay in touch."

A few weeks ago, Kelley was in the audience during the live in-studio portion of the finale of “The Bachelor,” where Peter’s mom Barbara showed her lots of love. Barbara also gushed about Kelley on Instagram, saying, “The Most Beautiful, Elegant, Classy, Intelligent Stylish Girl in the World!!! You were and will always be my Fav rav.”

At the same time, Kelly insisted she wasn’t dating the pilot. She told “E! News,” “I have heard that. I heard that I’m pregnant and I also heard that I’m with Peter right now. I’m not with Peter.” She later insisted, “I promise I’m not dating Peter. I’m not dating Peter.”

Peter is fresh off his split from Madison Prewett. He also shut down rumors that his short relationship with Madison was “fake,” saying, “None of that was staged, put on by the show, making it seem like I was into Madi. After, when she'd come to surprise me, I got her number and we started talking. I didn't physically see her until [we were] on stage. But we were able to talk and have some honest, good conversations. Yeah, conversations we should've had when we were dating on the show. Looking back on it, I feel like we should've tried to see each other before we showed up on stage together."

During the finale, Peter defended Madison after his family expressed their disapproval over the romance. Looking back on the finale, Peter told Nick, “AFR, that was tough. Listen, my family in general, they're my rock. I'll defend them 'til the day I die. I love them more than anything. They truly just want the best for me. In regards to what occurred on stage, you know,... could [my mom's] delivery been different? 100 percent. But where that was coming from was a place of pure love. That's who my mom is. I respect the hell out of my mom. To be able to speak her mind and not feel the pressure to cave in to a certain narrative on live-television, in front of millions of people... that takes a strong person. That's the love of a mother."