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Demi Lovato Makes It Instagram Official with Max Ehrich (Oops!)

Demi Lovato Makes It Instagram Official with Max Ehrich (Oops!)
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Demi Lovato seemingly confirmed she's dating "The Young and the Restless" actor/singer Max Ehrich — but she didn't do it on purpose!

The two, who are holed up together during the coronavirus crisis, got their signals crossed this weekend while Ehrich was performing on Instagram Live.

As he played the piano, Ehrich's face suddenly betrayed that an "uh-oh" moment was coming. He whispered, "I'm on Live!" as a makeup-free Demi stepped into frame. "Hm?" she asked, to which he again whispered, "I'm on Live!"

Getting the picture, Lovato burst into laughter and covered her face, while Ehrich broke into a grin and covered his mouth in shock.

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Us Weekly had already confirmed that Lovato, 27, and Ehrich, 28, were an item, and have been dating since some time after her holiday split with Austin Wilson.

The Instagram Live relationship reveal may truly be a case of "Sorry Not Sorry"!