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How Hilaria Baldwin’s Family Is Coping with Coronavirus Outbreak

How Hilaria Baldwin’s Family Is Coping with Coronavirus Outbreak

Author and fitness guru Hilaria Baldwin is home with her family in the Hamptons during the COVID-19 outbreak. The fitness and wellness guru FaceTimed with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh to update her on how the family is doing, and to offer her tips for coping.

Hilaria and husband Alec Baldwin are staying home with their four kids, Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo and Romeo. She shared, “We are doing okay. It’s a scary time, it’s uncertain, we all have our moments. The scariest thing about it is we don’t know how long it will last.”

She added, “My kids are not stressed out about it… Carmen thinks this is amazing because we’re together all the time.”

Hilaria is trying to remember how lucky she is, saying, “It’s a lot. One thing I’m happy about is we have a yard here, and we have a rescue horse farm next door we operate.”

How is she keeping their kids calm? She’s telling them, “This is just now.”

During this time, Hilaria is still putting emphasis on the kids’ education, saying, “I’m trying to put homeschooling together.”

Baldwin is also making sure her family is fed, saying, “I’m cooking a lot… I’m really trying to be creative with limited ingredients… like last night we made banana bread, my daughter and me, because our bananas were getting really really brown. We have to use absolutely everything.”

As for staying healthy, Hilaria is working out online, even sharing her fitness regime on Instagram. She said, “I’ve been trying to move my body. If I’m lucky, I can do 30-40 minutes.”

Hilaria stressed the importance of working out. She pointed out, “A little bit goes a long way and your body will thank you.”