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Daniel Dae Kim, Prince Albert of Monaco & Kevin Durant Diagnosed with Coronavirus

Daniel Dae Kim, Prince Albert of Monaco & Kevin Durant Diagnosed with Coronavirus

More big names are testing positive for COVID-19.

Actor Daniel Dae Kim, who is in Hawaii, announced that he has tested positive. On Thursday, he wrote on Instagram, “Hi everyone- yesterday I was diagnosed with COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Looks like I’ll be ok, but I wanted share my journey with you in the hopes that you find it informative or helpful. Hope you all stay safe, calm, and above all, healthy.”

In the 10-minute video, Kim revealed that he was in NYC for the past few weeks shooting his show “New Amsterdam.”

After production was shut down, Kim flew back to his home in Hawaii. Once he landed, he noticed “scratchiness” in his throat.

“It’s important for you guys to know that I was asymptomatic during all of this time,” Kim emphasized. “To be safe, when I got home, I quarantined myself in a room in the house and tried to rest on my own,”

Along with apologizing to the cast and crew for unknowingly exposing them to the virus, Daniel stressed, “For all those out there, especially teenagers and millennials who think this is not serious, please know that it is. And if you treat this without care, you are potentially endangering the lives of millions of people, including your loved ones. So for the sake of everyone else, please follow the guidelines: socially distance, self-isolate, stop touching your face, and of course, wash your hands.”

Kim noted that his family has tested negative.

Prince Albert of Monaco became the first head of state to test positive, but he “is not worrying at all.” A palace spokesperson said in a statement on Thursday, “His Serene Highness urges the people of Monaco to respect the measures of confinement and to limit contact with others to a minimum. Only the strict observance of these confinement measures will make it possible to stop the spread of the coronavirus."

After being treated by doctors, Albert is working from his office in his apartment. As for his symptoms, he told People magazine, "My symptoms are flu-like, but it feels like a pretty mild case. I’ve a slight fever, not really that bad. A little bit of a cough. I’d a runny nose the first few days, that was the first sign. I’ve felt a little stuffed up but that’s it."

"I have be careful because of my recent medical history fighting off pneumonia a couple of years ago," Albert added. "There’s a lot of cases of people younger than 60 contracting it,” he says. “It can hit anybody of any age.”

Earlier this week, basketball star Kevin Durant confirmed that he was one of four Brooklyn Nets players to test positive. He told The Athletic that he’s asymptomatic, saying, “Everyone be careful, take care of yourself and quarantine. We're going to get through this."

Before his diagnosis, Durant hung out with rapper Drake, who is now under self-quarantine in his Toronto home.

Some of the other celebrities who are dealing with coronavirus are Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Idris Elba, and Olga Kurylenko.