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Bella Thorne on ‘Masked Singer,’ Plus: How She Brought the Outside in During Self-Isolation

Bella Thorne on ‘Masked Singer,’ Plus: How She Brought the Outside in During Self-Isolation

Bella Thorne was just unveiled as the swan on “The Masked Singer”! “Extra’s” Renee Bargh caught up with the star to hear about her experience on the show and find out how she’s bringing the outside in while social distancing during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Chatting about the show, she said, “It was definitely one-of-a-kind. It’s not every day that you get to dress up as a huge swan and sing to a live audience.”

“I felt liberated," she went on to say. "I felt scared. I was beyond nervous. The mask does help being able to sing and have a mask on… knowing the mask is going to come off and the see who you are, that’s nerve-racking.”

She wanted to do the show before her album comes out. “All my music is not autotune… I wanted people to hear me sing, hear me rap,” she said. “'The Masked Singer’ was a way to prove to people I could sing live, and my live voice sounds exactly like it does on my album.”

“People don’t know me as singer, they know me as an actress, a writer, and now a director,” the star said. “For the singing, I was like, 'I don’t think anyone is really going to guess me.'”


They did! She shared, “Fans totally guessed it online.”

Thorne doesn’t know who else is left on the show. “You can’t even be onstage with another Masked Singer… No one knows at all. You can’t even show an inch of skin, not even an ankle, nothing.”

Did anyone in her life know she was doing the show? “My sister knew I was doing it and my vocal coach, obviously,” she said.


Now, she is keeping a low profile at home thanks to COVID-19. “I am here doing nothing, except for working, lots and lots of treatments and writings.”

Sharing how she brings the outside in, she said, “Oh, my goodness, you should see what I did to my house last night… We hand-did all these flowers.”

Showing off some more of her new decorations, Bella said, “It’s such a nice, calm décor idea.”

Thorne is taking the virus seriously, saying, “Listen to the precautions, try and stay really healthy. I am worried about my mom — she has Chron's disease… Part of me is like, 'Mom, stay away…' I am definitely worried for the state we are in and how long it will last.”

She added, “My boyfriend lives in Italy, so we talk about it all day.”

Her advice? “Concentrate on how we can help and how we can help ourselves in this time of no work — no this, no that… I know it’s going to sound cheesy: Now is the time to listen to your heart, listen to your brain, and study yourself, what can you do be better and happier.”

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