Chris Harrison on What Happened After Cameras Stopped Rolling on Wild ‘Bachelor’ Finale

Chris Harrison on What Happened After Cameras Stopped Rolling on Wild ‘Bachelor’ Finale

Chris Harrison was with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh Wednesday morning, fresh off Peter Weber’s wild “Bachelor” finale.

Harrison said he is still trying to figure out what happened himself, after the episode showed Hannah Ann and Peter breaking up, then Peter trying to patch things up with Madison. It all went down to the dismay of Weber’s mother Barb, who made it clear she doesn't condone their relationship

Breaking it down, Chris said, “It’s wild to go into television and you don’t know how it’s going to go.”

“I knew Hannah and him had broken up and he was going to try with Madison,” he explained. “I wasn’t sure how that was going to resolve itself. What I did not see coming was Barb… I didn’t think she would go to that level, and I knew she wouldn’t be happy with the Madison thing.”

Chris thought she would side with her son, but told Renee, “Man, it went south.”

Sharing what it was like in the room, he said, “I have never been more uncomfortable. It was like being at a horrible Thanksgiving dinner and everyone airing their dirty laundry.”

After the cameras stopped rolling, Harrison revealed, “Barb and Peter Sr., his dad, they went out one way and Peter and Madison went out another way. Peter was visibly upset. Clearly, on a lot of levels, he felt a little ambushed. He felt upset, he felt protective over Madison.”

What was Chris’ take on Barb? As a parent himself, he thought, “If you think they are going to fail, then why not just let them fail and then you can say, ‘Hey, next time let’s do a little better than that.’”

As for Madison’s intentions, he said, “When I went to visit her in Auburn, I knew she had feelings for Peter. I will stand up for them that there was this connection that they had. Now, are there such philosophical differences from religion to beliefs and all these things that will keep them from finding love? They have this love-conquers-all attitude… First, you have to be in love and you have to have this connection and this team work… If she is going to stick to her devout religious beliefs, God bless her, that’s not Peter.”