Vin Diesel Says Bloodshot Character Evokes ‘Fear and Empathy,’ Plus: His Take on ‘Fast 9’

Vin Diesel Says Bloodshot Character Evokes ‘Fear and Empathy,’ Plus: His Take on ‘Fast 9’

“Extra’s” Terri Seymour sat down with Vin Diesel to talk about his new superhuman movie, “Bloodshot.”

Vin plays Marine Ray Garrison, who is reborn after he and his wife are assassinated. Using nanotechnology, a team of scientists turns him into a superhuman, biotech killing machine called Bloodshot.

Diesel described it as a “different take on the superhero genre,” adding, “this was a really dynamic character that both evoked fear and empathy at the same time. It’s so emotional at the core and yet it was fulfillment of discovering that you have superhero-like powers.”

“It’s only the second pre-existing character I have played,” he said. “Groot being the first.”

So how does he feel about playing a comic book character? “I have been hearing from the hardcore fans; they are so happy.”

Terri noted the action in the film, and Vin shared, “This film did call for a more rigorous combat training and choreography, to the point there were injuries before we started filming.”

The fight coordinator was fresh off working on “John Wick,” he says, and “was trying to design a fight style that incorporated the rage of Bloodshot.”

Vin is a tough, healthy guy, so what’s his take on the coronavirus? “It’s a good reminder for everyone to sanitize and be a lot more mindful… My first impulse is this is a time the whole world needs to come together.”

His also offered his take on “Fast 9,” calling it “incredible.”

As for the female version of the franchise, he teased, “Everything is coming along.”

“Bloodshot” opens in theaters March 13.