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Sabrina Bryan & Husband Jordan Lundberg Expecting First Child

“Dancing with the Stars” alum Sabrina Bryan has a baby on the way!

Bryan is expecting her first child with husband Jordan Lundberg. The 35-year-old told People magazine, “We have been really excited to begin this journey. We realize becoming parents is a gift that we have been blessed with and are excited to share our love of our first baby!”

She added, “It has been hard keeping our baby news a secret. Finally sharing our news with our family has been exhilarating.”

Sabrina found out that she was pregnant on New Year’s Eve. She shared, “Jordan and I were having dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Orange Hill in Orange County, and following dinner, I surprised him with a box filled with baby onesies and dad tools.”

Bryan was already starting to feel her body changing before learning of the pregnancy. She commented, “I typically eat very healthy, but do have a sweet tooth. Beginning in mid-December, all I could think about was having non-stop sweets. Anything else I consumed tasted like salt and vinegar.”

“Jordan is happily awaiting to try a crazy mix of foods,” Sabrina noted about pregnancy cravings. “We are ready for the pickles, sprinkles, and hot sauce.”

Sabrina also kept it real about her “frustrating” first trimester, saying, “The first trimester zapped all my energy from my body! For someone who works out and teaches choreography daily, it was frustrating trying to get through the day awake!”

She went on, “Now that I have started my second trimester, I’m already feeling more energized. I resumed working out, and even feel a boost of productivity!”

As for what’s to come, Sabrina said, “It is a bit overwhelming trying to plan our lives as parents. We are excited to learn if we are having a baby Cheetah boy or a girl cub!! Either way, once we know, let the baby shopping begin.”

Sabrina and Jordan have been married since 2018. Before their wedding at Wayne Newton’s home, she revealed what she was most excited about, saying, “What I am looking forward to in marriage is simply a deepening of our love for each other. Stepping into a new season of life with our marriage means starting our forever together with new beginnings.”