Simon Cowell Met Sofía Vergara Years Ago and They Promised to Work Together Someday

Simon Cowell Met Sofía Vergara Years Ago and They Promised to Work Together Someday

Simon Cowell was looking slim and trim on the “America’s Got Talent” red carpet. He told us he doesn’t know how much weight he has lost: “I haven’t counted, but a lot, a lot… I reckon about 30 or 40.”

He shared, “I remember being here a year ago, two years ago, not feeling at my best. This is a different feeling.”

Cowell revealed another big lifestyle change, saying, “I stopped all the crazy late nights. I don’t have a phone, as you know. That’s made a difference. I won’t make a phone call for work after 7 o’clock. That’s my rule.”

He also opened up about Sofía Vergara joining the show. “I met Sofía… three or four years ago. We had a meeting and we both shook hands after that meeting that whatever we would do, we would one day work together. So when I heard Sofía was in the running, I’m like, ‘This could be amazing.’”

Simon shared this advice with her: “No one is an expert at judging everything,” adding, “She settled in really, really quick. I felt like after the first day that she’s been doing this for five years.”

He brought Heidi Klum back after she did “AGT: Champions,” and he commented, “Changes are made, then when she came back, it was like it was yesterday… Luckily, she agreed to come back and do the show.”

The star said he hopes this panel sticks.

Cowell is also working on a book series with son Eric called “Wishfits” about magical creatures. He told Terri he has always wanted to work with his son, saying, “We found this amazing publishing company and they got the idea in a heartbeat… I think kids will love it. It’s also about life lessons. It’s a lot of fun and as you can imagine, I have loved every second.”