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Mark Wahlberg's Secret Confidence-Booster for Post Malone on 'Spenser Confidential' Set

Mark Wahlberg's Secret Confidence-Booster for Post Malone on 'Spenser Confidential' Set
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Mark Wahlberg went back to Boston for his new Netflix movie "Spenser Confidential," the actor sitting down with "Extra's" Mark Wright to talk about the movie, working with Post Malone, and his recent daddy/daughter dance experience.

In the thriller, Spenser (Wahlberg) is a former Boston police officer who went to jail, but is now out fighting crimes dealing with dirty cops, drug dealing, and murder.

He said of Malone, who made his film debut at Mark's urging, "You know, he likes his Bud Light, and when he showed up to the set he thought, 'Well, I could just take a 12-pack.' You can't do that. We were able to sneak one in, in a Dunkin' Donuts cup... I got one in. It just was just to calm the nerves. It was the acting debut."

Wahlberg was a friend of Malone's before they worked together, describing how he persuaded the musician to take the plunge into big-screen acting. "He and I were friends. We were hanging out at my house one night and he was just going on and on about how he wanted to die in a movie," Wahlberg recalled. "And I was like, 'Well, I don't know about dying in it, but I'd like to see acting in a movie.' And I knew he could pull it off."

Producer and star Wahlberg had total confidence in the newcomer. "He didn't audition... and then the first take, it was just magic."

Mark said his kids are big Post Malone fans. "My oldest [daughter] is, yes. Yeah. And my oldest son. Everybody in the family likes Post. But my daughter really liked the music."

Speaking of music, Wahlberg admitted his 10-year-old Grace was not a fan of dancing with Dad at a recent father/daughter dance! "I wasn't expecting to get a dance," he said, laughing. "She wouldn't dance with me. She didn't want me dancing at all to embarrass her — you know, she's that age... Anytime we get our little alone, one-on-one time, it's worth it."

"Spenser Confidential" streams on Netflix March 6.