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Ben Affleck on His 'Self-Reflection' and Finding 'The Way Back'

Ben Affleck on His 'Self-Reflection' and Finding 'The Way Back'
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Ben Affleck was back on the red carpet Sunday for the premiere of his new movie “The Way Back” after opening up about his personal struggles in the past weeks.

Ben was with "Extra's" Jenn Lahmers, talking about why this was the right movie for him at the right time, and about playing a character battling alcoholism. "Yeah, this was actually a movie that came along during a time of self-reflection and trying to really evaluate my life and what kind of life I want to have to lead. And this movie was really about those kinds of things."

Playing a basketball coach struggling with addiction and given a second chance, Ben said he asked himself, "'How do we make ourselves better? How do we be kind of who we want to be?' — and I have a lot of experience falling short in some areas. I wish I hadn't done that, I wish I had gotten back to that person. Or I wish I had failed in this or that way. And I tend to be kind of hard on myself. I saw this movie's script as really, really inspiring."

Jenn asked Ben to walk her through a scene in the film in which he breaks down, and reveal from where he drew that emotion. "This sounds very self-helpy," Ben replied, "but just be aware of my own feelings. Be in contact, be able to feel the entire range of emotions. If I can't do that, I can't do that onscreen."

As far as the film's basketball setting, he did admit he's not the best at the game. "That's why you don't see me dunking the ball, shooting the ball... Do as I say, not as I do."

"The Way Back" is in theaters March 6.