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Taylor Swift Is Unrecognizable as ‘The Man’ in New Music Video, Plus: All the Easter Eggs

Taylor Swift just dropped her music video for “The Man”!

The song calls out how differently Taylor would be treated if she were a man, featuring lyrics like, “They'd say I hustled/Put in the work/They wouldn't shake their heads/And question how much of this I deserve.”

The video pushes this message even further, as we see Taylor transformed into “The Man,” complete with a power suit and glasses. Abrasive and rude at times, he is shown living his best life on a yacht full of bikini-clad models.

Taylor loves to hide Easter eggs in her videos, so here are a few that jumped out.

In one scene, “The Man” manspreads on a subway while smoking a cigar. A nearby passenger happens to be wearing a “Miss Americana” sweatshirt, promoting Swift’s recent Netflix documentary.

At one point “The Man” exits the subway and relieves himself at the 13th Street Station, and 13 happens to be Swift’s favorite number. On the wall in front of him are the names of six of Taylor’s albums in graffiti and a sign that indicates no scooters are allowed. It is a clear dig at Scooter Braun and his company Big Machine Label Group, the owner of the rights to her music. Another sign states, “Missing: If Found Return to Taylor Swift.”

In the same scene is a poster spoofing “Miss Americana.” Instead, the poster pushes “Mr. Americana” starring Tyler Swift… an "official selection of Mandance" and directed by Larry Wilson, rather than Lana Wilson.

The song directly references Leonardo DiCaprio with the line "I'd be just like Leo, in Saint-Tropez," and she delivers an epic yacht party scene.

Later, viewers see a naked woman lying in a bed as “The Man” looks at himself in the mirror. Some believe this was a shot at Kanye West’s “Famous” video, which featured naked mannequins of stars like Taylor in a bed with similar sheets.

She also includes a time-jump to 58 years later, as “The Man” weds a much younger bride. The number is also important: 5 + 8 = 13.

At the end of the video, fans may recognize the tennis umpire as Taylor’s dad Scott Swift. “The Man” is allowed to throw a fit over the umpire’s call, which could be in support of Serena Williams, who was criticized for questioning a ref's call in 2018.

When “The Man” finally speaks, he sounds familiar — it is actually Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s voice.

Taylor also gives fans a quick look at her transformation, as she reveals she directed, wrote, and owns the video!