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Adorable! First Pics of Brandon Jenner & Wife Cayley Stoker’s Twins

Brandon Jenner and Cayley Stoker welcomed twin boys last week, and they just made their Instagram debut!

Brandon’s mother Linda Thompson shared the first pics of the pair with the caption, “@caylita_ @brandonjenner are the proud parents of two exceptionally beautiful fraternal twin boys!!! Bo Thompson Jenner & Sam Stoker Jenner - already snuggling with their La La almost every day!”

She also referenced Brandon’s daughter Eva, 4, with ex-wife Leah Felder, writing, “Feeling so blessed as a family - with Eva being the BEST big sister imaginable! #twinboys #lala”

The news comes just weeks after Brandon and Cayley tied the knot in Santa Barbara. At the time, Jenner told People magazine, “We wed at the Santa Barbara Courthouse on January 21 with my daughter Eva and Cayley’s grandmother, Joan, as our witness.”

He also shared a photo from the wedding to celebrate Cayley’s birthday. He wrote on Instagram, “Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, Cayley. I have discovered a whole new level of happiness because of you. You are smart, kind, funny, driven, caring and super pregnant at the moment with our twin babies!! 🙌🏼❤️❤️🙌🏼.”

In early January, Brandon and Cayley celebrated their babies’ anticipated arrival at a baby shower that was attended by his parents, Thompson and Caitlyn Jenner.

The pair announced they were expecting twins in August. He told People, “We are at 12 weeks now, so near the end of the first trimester. We’re madly in love and we are very excited about this!”

Brandon noted that they wanted to be “surprised” by the babies’ gender, so they weren’t going to find out beforehand.

Brandon and ex-wife Leah called it quits in September 2018 after 14 years together. It is unknown how long Brandon and Cayley have been dating. She hadn’t appeared on his Instagram until nearly a year later, but they made their red-carpet debut at the 2019 Kentucky Derby.