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Country Singer Shay Mooney Welcomes Baby #2 with Wife Hannah

Country Singer Shay Mooney Welcomes Baby #2 with Wife Hannah

Dan + Shay singer Shay Mooney, 28, is a dad again!

Over the weekend, Shay announced that his wife Hannah gave birth to a baby boy, who they named Ames Alexander.

Shay posted pics of his precious bundle of joy, who was born on Friday. Mentioning their first child Asher, he wrote on Instagram, “Ames Alexander, welcome to the Mooney family. Asher has been so excited to meet you, “baby brover”. You are already so loved. I’m so proud to be your dad. And you have have the best momma on planet earth. ❤️😭.”

“Yesterday, Asher asked Hannah when baby brother’s mom was gonna come pick him up and take him to his house...so we might be in for a slight rude awakening. 😂 Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes,” Shay added.

Hannah posted the same pics, saying, “The world is already a brighter place because you’re in in! Oh, how your daddy and I have prayed over your precious life. I can’t believe God chose us to love you forever, but I’m sure glad He did. Now, let the adventures begin!”

Weeks before their baby's arrival, Shay showed his love for Hannah on Instagram. He wrote, "Hannah Love you have completely changed my life. Thank you for being the greatest wife + mother in the entire world. God knew I needed you...without you I’m a run away train just barely keeping on the tracks. You steady me...but at the same time you still excite me, challenge me, and push me to be better. I love you. Can’t wait to get so old with you that it’s weird we have cell phones. Happy birthday yaooooolllll sexy woman."

Mooney broke the pregnancy news in August. At the time, he wrote on Instagram, “Celebrating a number 1 with baby number 2! Hannah and I have been dying to share the news. We thought for sure we’d be announcing a baby girl, but God has other plans for the Mooney’s. Found out today we’re having a BOY! Bout to be a new duo in town 🙌🏻💙.”

Over two years ago, Shay opened up on parenthood, telling People magazine, “It has been a huge change and the best change. You love each other a ton and then you have a kid and you never realize how much you could love something. It strengthens your love for each other, but it also just opens up this entire other deeper world of love that you never knew you could have.”

Shay and Hannah tied the knot in October 2017, nine months after they welcomed Asher.

Asher has even influenced Dan + Shay’s music — he was the inspiration behind their song “When I Pray for You.” He told People, “I was about to have my kid [when we worked on the song], so a lot of emotions were stirring around. We were in the room with a couple other dads that had just become new dads. It was one of those things where it was kind of the perfect storm.”