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Kobe Bryant’s Legion of Fans Waitlisted for Public Memorial — How Many Registered for Tickets?

Kobe Bryant’s Legion of Fans Waitlisted for Public Memorial — How Many Registered for Tickets?

On Tuesday, many Kobe Bryant fans received an email about the tickets for his public memorial at Staples Center.

Ticketmaster notified countless fans that they are on the waitlist. The email said, “There has been an outpouring of love and support for A Celebration of Life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant, and the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation wishes that everyone could attend the event. To ensure the best experience, we are only able to invite a small number of fans to participate in tomorrow’s ticket release. Should additional tickets become available, registrants will be randomly selected to move off the Waitlist and will be notified by text message with information on how to search for tickets.”

In order to ensure that fans had a chance to attend, the Los Angeles Lakers used Ticketmaster Verified Fan to distribute tickets.

Last week, the team noted that registered fans would receive personal access codes to allow them to participate in the ticket sale. If there weren't enough tickets to go around, fans would be selected at random to participate in the sale.

It has been reported that more than 90,000 people registered for tickets.

Staples Center, where Kobe played most of his NBA career, holds around 20,000 seats, so it is impossible for every fan to be accommodated.

See what fans had to say about being waitlisted below.

A limited number of tickets have been released to the public, with all proceeds going to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation.

Tickets have three different prices: $224 each, 2 for $224, and $24.02 each. The prices are a nod to Kobe and Gianna’s jersey numbers, #24 and #2.

TMZ reports that event organizers are working with Kobe’s family to determine who will be able to speak and perform at the service.

The site noted that family, friends, players, NBA officials, and season ticket holders will be the first to be invited to the memorial.

Over the weekend, “Extra” spoke with Kobe’s former teammate Shaquille O’Neal, who noted that he’ll be there. Watch.

Law enforcement sources told the outlet that those who don’t have tickets will not be able to come close to the venue. The streets around the sports arena will likely be closed for security and traffic control, similar to Michael Jackson and Nipsey Hussle’s memorials.

The memorial will be broadcast on multiple networks.