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Chilling Video of Amie Harwick’s Ex-BF Joking About a Tragic Fall, Plus: Her Friend Speaks Out

Chilling Video of Amie Harwick’s Ex-BF Joking About a Tragic Fall, Plus: Her Friend Speaks Out

This is truly chilling video.

Gareth Pursehouse, the man accused of killing Amie Harwick, made a sick joke about someone being thrown out a window in an Instagram post last year.

Pursehouse is suspected of causing his ex-girlfriend’s fatal fall from a third-floor balcony of her Hollywood Hills home on Saturday. He was arrested, but hasn’t entered a plea. He is now out on $2 million bail, and is due back in court on March 10.

Now, everyone is looking for clues to see if there were signs of danger before that tragic night, including a now-deleted Instagram video of Gareth from May 2019 talking about the pilot episode of “Game of Thrones.”

Referencing the moment when Bran Stark catches twins Jamie and Cersei Lannister together, Pursehouse said, “The brother and sister are up in the castle and then the kid sees him through the window and the brother has to go and throw the kid off and to kill him and even though it's evil... I feel kind of bad for the brother because even though he didn’t want to do it... his sister incested. Heh, heh, heh.”

Amie and Gareth reportedly split years ago, but she had taken out two restraining orders against him over the years. The most recent one expired two weeks before her death. Witnesses told The L.A. Times that the exes had a run-in at the XBiz adult industry award show in January.

Pursehouse can be seen on the left side in red, in the video below of Stormy Daniels on the red carpet at the XBiz event.

The restraining orders paint an ominous picture of Pursehouse. She accused him of pushing her out of a car and leaving her on the side of a freeway; suffocating, punching, and kicking her... and even slamming her head on the ground.

Her friend, Moushumi Ghose, spoke with “Extra’s” Billy Bush, saying she had just been in touch with Amie last week.

“She was scared of him for a really long time," Ghose told Billy. "He basically used to try and sabotage her work… her career, her friendships.”

Ghose added, “She knew he was really dangerous.”

Billy asked if Harwick feared for her life, and Ghose explained, “She never told me those words, no, but it was obvious to me, woman to woman, like, she was really scared for her life.”

Amie was a Hollywood sex therapist and was formerly engaged to Drew Carey.