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Harrison Ford Dishes on His Colorado River Vacation

Harrison Ford Dishes on His Colorado River Vacation

Thursday night, Harrison Ford stepped out solo to the premiere of his new adventure film “The Call of the Wild.”

“Extra’s” Jenn Lahmers spoke with the 77-year-old Hollywood icon, who sported a clean-shaven look after having a rugged beard for filming. He commented, “It outlived its usefulness.”

The movie is all about being adventurous, which is something Harrison enjoys. He pointed out, “I’m outside all the time. I enjoy being in nature. I’ve just come back from a 12-day trip to the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon — there’s a way to get away and really see nature.”

“The Call of the Wild” is based on Jack London’s classic novel about a dog named Buck who is stolen from his home and sold to freight haulers, crossing paths with a man named John Thornton, played by Ford. The two embark on an adventure, with Buck finding his true place in the world.

Ford said it was “a delight” to work on the movie, adding, “It was great fun, and I really enjoyed making it and am very proud of the work that we’ve done.”

As a bonus, in spite of the film's icy look, it was shot in warm weather. “I got to shoot in California," he pointed out.

"The Call of the Wild" is in theaters February 21.